During the first three weeks of June, New Cut! Recipes features creatives talking about exports while cooking together. It also revisits the findings and works throughout the New Cut! program.

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Cook-together #3, In Action (Part 5): DO GOOD STUFF


ATTE LAURILA: People say that you have to aim high when you’re selling. You have to be bold, go to the top guys. But what I’m hearing during these conversations is that you’re maybe not saying that but that you should do your homework better, maybe start smaller and get your backup. And then aim high.

JUKKA IMMONEN: You have to know who you’re competing with. That’s what we’ve been doing for 10 years: trying to get the level right.

JEREMIAH TESOLIN: You get asked for hits, is there a surefire way to make a hit?

JUKKA IMMONEN: No, not at all.

JEREMIAH TESOLIN: No? It’s totally random?

JUKKA IMMONEN: It has a lot to do with work ethic, in the same way making a great fabric for example, it has to go places to get better and better and better.

JEREMIAH TESOLIN: I guess, if anything I’ve been doing the last 14 years, I’ve been exporting a lot. all my work is export. I rarely do things in Finland. And if I do, it’s kind of, export it later.

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Cook-together #3, In Action (Part 4): MIX’N’MATCH


MIIA KOSKI: Beacon Helsinki is a network for creative professionals from Finland and other Nordic countries, and we have product designers, interior designers, and photographers, artists, fashion designers. It’s a broad network! We mainly organize international exhibitions and collaborations. Now we’re doing an installation for the Stockholm Design Week, and we’ll be next at the Milan Design Week. Everyone’s not involved in a particular project, but we invite people from the network to participate in whatever it is we’re up to.

JESSE FRYCKMAN: It’s actually quite sad that within Nordic countries, there aren’t that many projects that are bound together. It would be interesting to have more.

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Cook-together #3, In Action (Part 3): IT’S A LONG ROAD, BUT SOMEONE’S GOTTA MAKE IT


How to take your music abroad

JUKKA IMMONEN: The easiest way is to create something great and then make it happen. Go to the territory where you wanna work. If it’s the States, go there with your project, or go to Berlin, if that’s where you want to get it done. That’s the way most of the people I’ve worked with do it, like Sunrise Avenue who are one of the biggest export thing from Finland. They got a record on the air, they went abroad, got signed in Germany and now they’re working there.

MIIA KOSKI: So they just proposed it to a German label instead of going through a Finnish…

JUKKA IMMONEN: They went to Finnish labels but nobody signed them. But the whole thing went really well for them in the end.

MIIA KOSKI: Was somebody doing it for them?

JUKKA IMMONEN: They had help, yeah. It comes down to the lead guy Samu Haber, who is a very charismatic person and knows what he’s doing. You have a be a little bit of a salesman too.

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Cook-together #3, In Action (Part 2): WHO DO WE DO IT FOR?


MIIA KOSKI: I just came from Paris Tuesday night, and was speaking to an agent that there’s no lack of talent in Finland. Finnish designers have their own artistic view, and their own strong identity that is different from the other Nordic designers. But they are not so good at thinking about the consumer – who’s going to wear it.

OTSO LINDFORS: It’s a fine line to walk. You don’t want to be too commercial.

MIIA KOSKI: Exactly, you need a strong identity but you still need people who want to sell the collection and people who want to wear it.

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Cook-together #3, In Action (Part 1): GOING THERE COMES BEFORE “DONE THAT”


Bring them here

MIIA KOSKI: Every May we organize a 4-day fashion event. Not a fashion week, more like a small-scale fashion event where different designers have fashion shows, presentations, parties… We collaborate with the Foreign Ministry to bring international journalists and other industry professionals to Finland during that time. It’s a unique experience, kind of getting those really busy fashion journalists and people here, and when you get them here, we have their full attention and can present the brands in their own environment. So when we do international events, it’s easier. You already have some contacts and its easier to continue from there. Like any field, you have to know the right people and get things going. So in the fall we participated in New Cut, and organized an event in New York, and then Paris, and there was already a lot of talk about it. You of course wouldn’t get these people to Finland unless someone who knows them is saying that they have to come here. Tuomas Laitinen has great international contacts and we collaborate with him. 

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12-20 June 2014
Cook-together #3, In Action







Producer & Songwriter at Fried Music

Brand Designer

Co-Founder & Development Director at Pre Helsinki

Founder & Director at Agent Pekka

Creative Director at Siloa&Mook

Producer at Solar Films, Founder of Bronson Club


Project Manager for New Cut!

Art Director at Kokoro & Moi

From the New Cut! program – Northern Exposure SS14